Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Happy Traveler Family Gear Bag

I am thrilled, just thrilled to introduce you to this next product. Anyone who has ever tried to travel with kids will appreciate this one. Back in July as I was packing to go on holidays for a month, I desperately looked for something that would be the ideal travel bag for the flight. I was flying with my under two son and I needed something that would accommodate MANY needs plus more. As you know when flying you are only allowed two carry-on bags. One of them for me was my laptop, the other one needed to carry everything else including diapers, wipes, snacks, baby blanket, baby stuffie, baby toys, sippy cups, my water, my purse, a book, sunglasses, camera, and the list goes on and on.

Prior to leaving I pulled out every bag I owned (which happens to be quite a few since I'm always trying to find the one) and not one of them seemed adequate. I finally settled on one though and then proceeded to be extremely annoyed the entire flight when I couldn't quickly find or grab what I needed while holding my squirming, you can't make me cooperate, one and a half year old.

I don't like to be annoyed.

I simply don't have the patience for it.

The success of travelling with babies and kids is based on organization. Organization requires a bag that stands upright on it's own, has multiple pockets for everything under the sun, meets airline requirements, and basically acts as my home on the go. Do you think I'm asking for too much? I assumed I was because if a bag like that existed I didn't know about it.


Happy Traveler Family Gear Bag

The bag of my traveling dreams has bright red no less. Family Travel Gear is a company that understands the needs of traveling families. Of that I have no doubt. When the Happy Traveler Family Gear Bag appeared in my mailbox I open the package with anticipation hoping that I wasn't in for another mediocre bag to add to my collection. Frankly I was pretty skeptical. First thing I saw was the big pocket on front, and then another pocket, and then another one, oh and what's that, another pocket! The pockets don't end it seems and I instantly fell in love.

THEN....I saw one pocket in particular and nearly wept with tears of joy. Ladies there is a pocket on the side of this bag.....are you ready for this....for the portable DVD player AND slots for the DVD's!! I'm seriously not kidding! I had a separate bag for the DVD player when I travelled and had one of my bigger kids carry it on but it was just one more thing to worry about.

On the other side of this is an insulated pocket for sippy cups or bottles plus there is also a pocket for my camera, a pocket for my wallet and airline tickets, a pocket for my magazine and did I mention that the glorious front pocket includes a FULL BODY changing pad and numerous pockets for diapers, wet wipes holder, ointments and more. Oh.My.Word. All this AND it meets airline carry-on sizing requirements. Get out of town.....literally.

And less you think this bag will just sit in the closet when not in use, think again. This beautiful bag of amazing possibilities can also be used as a back seat kid’s organizer/toy box and snack bag for car travel.

Family Travel Gear doesn't just sell bags either. They are a family owned and operated business inspired by their personal travel experiences with their own children and sell many other travel products as well to make your life easier. They claim to personally test all of their products and you know what, after seeing this bag and what it means for all my organized future travels, I believe they do just that.

Thank you Family Travel Gear!!

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Jodi Jean said...

holy moley thats a great bag, going to check out their site right now ...

afteracupofcoffee said...

Wow, I'll be flying with all THREE of my kids by myself soon (hubby's deployed) and I'm definitely going to check that out! It's such a pain switching between the dvd bag and the diaper bag and the toy bag all flight long!

Jennifer, Snapshot said...

This really does look great! One thing that worked for me was to have my little ones carry on their own small backpack as soon as they could (at 2 or 3). They liked "helping" and they also got to keep up with some crayons and paper and a few snacks or other simple provisions.

Jen said...

after reading this review i told my husband that i needed this bag. it being more then i have paid for bags in the past i decided to hold off and buy a cheaper one, however that bag did not work for me so i was shoping again for a bag... this time i bought this one (the one i should have bought to start) i think this will be a baby gift for all my friends. I love this bag. thank you for sharing your review.

Org Junkie said...

Oh Jen I'm so glad I could help. Thanks for letting me know!!