Friday, June 6, 2008

Lily On The Fly - A Menu Planning Resource - Enter to Win!


Updated: This contest is now closed. The winner is chksngr!!


I recently had the opportunity to review an excellent menu planning resource. It's called Lily On The Fly. This particular product is different than any I've seen before for menu planning and is definitely beneficial for the visual person. This system centers around the magnetized card holder that can be displayed on your refrigerator. It includes 7 clear slots, one for each day of the week. What goes into these slots are the handy dandy menu planning recipe cards that are also provided. On the front of each card are three sections listing cooking instructions, one for the night before, in the morning and put it all together. The shopping list for each meal is right on the back on each card conveniently listed in seven general grocery store areas. Look how colorful it is:

Once you have selected 7 cards to put into the slots you have a complete menu plan for the week and when you turn the holder over you have a complete grocery list going down the back. You can then transpose the grocery list to a piece of paper to take to the store with you, take the whole holder with you or even just pull out the cards and bring them with you that way.

Another option as Lily On The Fly suggests (and hence the name) is to keep the deck of cards in your purse and easily choose recipes right in the store as you think through your plans for the next few days, and what is on sale. I love how versatile it is!!

My girlfriend struggles with traditional menu planning but really loves this system because for her she loves her recipes all in one spot rather than having to keep track of them from different sources such as various cookbooks or the internet. That's too much hassle for her, this system streamlines the process for her.

The recipes look to be simple and easy to prepare and I love how each card shows a picture of the completed dish, a very nice touch! A list of the 36 recipes included in the starter kit can be found here. The starter kit retails for $27.95 but for the month of June you can get 15% of your order by using the code "Welcome Summer". Additional recipes packs are also available.

Lily On The Fly is giving away a Hearty Meals for Hungry Families Starter Kit today to one lucky reader. Just leave a comment below by Tuesday, June 10th at noon pst for your chance to win. If you are not a blogger please be sure to also include a valid email address.

Happy menu planning!!

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