Monday, February 25, 2008

Busy Body Book

I've just recently had the opportunity to review the 2008 Busy Body Book, a personal and family grid organizer. Back in January, on my other blog, I posted the favorite calendars and planners of some of my readers and this particular planner was my friend Jennifer's favorite.

As you can see this planner offers you the opportunity to schedule up to 5 family members in their own separate columns each week all on the same page. This could be extremely useful for families with kids constantly on the go with various activities. Another nice feature is the perforated "to do" sheets in the back.

The only downfall with this calendar for me is that they don't include a "month at a glance" calendar at the beginning of each month. They do however give you a condensed 6 months at a glance at the beginning of the book.

If you have been wanting to try this calendar out for yourself, now might be the right time because not only is Busy Body Book offering their 2008 Stripes and Zigzag planners for 50% off but also their Fridge Grid Pads as well.

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Monday, February 18, 2008

Cabin Cuddler

Awhile ago I reviewed the Happy Traveler Family Gear Bag from Family Travel Gear. I was so blown away by the attention to detail in that product that I couldn't say no when they asked me to review another product for them. This one doesn't necessarily have anything to do with organizing but it is wonderfully efficient.

Finally a blanket designed for traveling! I don't know about you but being somewhat of a germaphobe myself I will not use the blankets and pillows supplied on an airline. I mean I just have my doubts that these things are ever washed. Thankfully I never have to worry about that anymore. The micro-fleece Cabin Cuddler blanket solves that problem with it's unique wrap-around design created to keep passengers warm even in the coldest airplane cabins.

I absolutely can't say enough about the detail put into this product. I'm a details girl and I wish more companies would take the time to add the extra special touches to their products. The Cabin Cuddler, when not in use, folds all up into itself to create a pillow that conveniently fits into the matching reversible carrying case that is included with it. This case fits easily into carry on luggage but also has a handle if you'd rather carry it separately.

The carrying case also turns inside out to become a soft pillow case. This can then be used with airline pillows or you can use the blow up travel pillow that is included with each Cabin Cuddler. I love that they've thought of this, such a small thing that just makes me appreciate the product even more.

I've just been using the product at home while I watch TV. One of my favorite features is the patented pocket that I can put my feet into to keep me warm. I love it! The Cabin Cuddler is available in two colors and is machine washable. It is also reasonably priced at $29.99. You can read more about it on the Family Travel Gear site here.

Great stuff!

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