Sunday, October 14, 2007

Whomi ~ Planners that are fun AND functional!

When Whomi asked me to review their calendars/planners for busy woman I was more than happy to do so. You see I use a central calendar in my kitchen but what I can never figure out is why most calendars have all that wasted space on the top. I mean I guess it's nice to have a picture there but what the Whomi Color-Coded Family Calendar does is use both the top and bottom of the calendar to provide more space for monthly activities. Who couldn't use more space? Especially space that is color-coded at that. The monthly planner has one big white space per day PLUS there are three different color-coded smaller spaces per day as well which means you can designate a different color per kid for instance. Now that's smart! The price is reasonable too at $13.99 each.

Two other products I had the privledge of checking out was their Color-Coded Agenda and their What To Do Pad.

The Color-Coded Agenda is similar to the bigger family planner just smaller, suitable for those who might appreciate a more portable calendar. This one comes in TWO sizes to meet the needs of busy mom's, original and compact. If you want something for your purse though I recommend the compact size as the original seems at bit heavy to me to carry around in your purse. These agendas are just so pretty too and that my friends is important, who wants to pull out an agenda that's ugly or boring. Being organized doesn't have to be all doom and gloom. Take a look at these pretty designs:

These agendas also come with a heavy duty plastic cover that all moms will appreciate especially if we keep one tucked in our purses where they tend to take a bit of a beating.

Finally the What To Do Pad just makes list making FUN! That's it in the above picture on the left. It's a portable spiral-bound notebook with three separate color-coded pads designed to make maintaining lists simpler because it's divided by task and each sheet is perferated so you can tear off a sheet as you need to. I love stuff like this I really do. I'd especially like to try out the What To Do When Pad as well.

Fun and functional makes me very very happy and I hope it does you as well!!

Thanks Whomi!

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