Wednesday, December 12, 2007

1-2-3.....Get Organized!

I know I've reviewed a few organizing books in a row now but I've got another great set to tell you about that I think you're going to like. Professional Organizer Beverly Coggins has created a 1-2-3...Get Organized series of seven mini books to help you organize your life one book at a time.

The seven books are as follows:
  • Three Steps to Organizing your Child's Room
  • Three Steps to Decluttering
  • Three Steps to Organizing your Kitchen
  • Three Steps to Organizing your Office
  • Three Steps to Time Management for the Stay-at-Home Mom
  • Three Steps to Clever Cleaning
  • Three Steps to Time Management at the Office
Each book consists of three main steps with each step offering plenty of tips and advice broken down into quick and easy to read points.

I'll tell you what I love most about these books. Not only are they small but the plastic glossy pages are wonderfully durable making them perfect for throwing into your purse to take out and read whenever you are stuck in a "hurry up and wait" situation. I also love the colorful pages as presentation is very important to me.

For those a little bit more ambitious and wanting to really get serious about getting organized she offers a workbook series that comes complete with checklists, questionnaires and templates on CD. Some of the titles include Three Steps to Downsizing to a Smaller Residence, Three Steps to Time Management for the Working Mom and Three Steps to Planning Dinner. These do-it-yourself guides are very thorough with Bev carefully walking you through each step of the process.

Now I've saved the best for last. One of the other things Bev includes in some of her packages is a Hassle Free Dinners CD. This CD is a menu planners dream and you all know how I feel about menu planning! It offers 52 dinner menus complete with step-by-step instructions and recipes along with coordinating color-coded weekly shopping lists. I am very impressed with how much work this must have been to put together especially since everything you need to put quick, nutritious, sophisticated meals on the table is included! She also didn't repeat an entree for the entire year either! Well done Bev!

On the 1-2-3...Get Organized site you'll also find a page listing the February sales so if you are interested be sure to check that out first! Next week I'm going to be giving away a set of these mini books as part of a special organizing giveaway I'm doing so keep your eyes open for that over on I'm an Organizing Junkie sometime on Monday.

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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

A Life Less Cluttered

Updated to add: Christine is offering free shipping on her book until December 31st!

I'm happy today to review for you another organizing book although this one isn't your typical organizing book. A Life Less Cluttered, written by Professional Organizer Christine Rice, isn't an organizing "tips" book but rather a book that focuses on the characteristics necessary to getting and staying organized. Christine's book takes you on a journey through answering the "whys" of disorganization to exposing the traits common to highly organized people in order to aid you in adopting them for yourself and reaching your own organizing epiphany.

I've always said that I'm not a born organizer. My organizing skills and abilities didn't develop overnight but were gradually acquired out of necessity, practice and a desire to lead a more simplified life. Christine feels the same way and she will also tell you that she wasn't born with the "organizing gene". She offers this encouragement in the very first chapter:

Organizing doesn't always come naturally but with help it can become easier. This is where you need to let go of any lingering guilt you may have regarding your current disorganized status and what originally brought you to that state. You've always had the capability to learn, you just didn't have the guidelines to follow. That is, until now. Open yourself to learning at the highest level possible. Accept your new reality that you, too, can be more organized.

Christine also offers one of the best definitions of what being truly organized means and it may surprise you:

Life happens. It's not as if finally being organized brings with it a guarantee that your home or life will never again be turned upside down. The difference is when you are better organized you can more quickly remedy the situation when things are a little out of control. It means living an easier, less stressful lifestyle and being able to locate important papers or belongings at a moment's notice. It usually means there is nearly a place for everything and almost everything in its place most of the time.

Did you get that? It isn't about being perfect! Amen to that!

I found Christine's book absolutely refreshing and eye opening. I never thought to approach organizing in this manner. Not only does she explain in detail what the traits are of highly organized people are but she also shows you how to adapt and apply those traits to your own life and surroundings.

This is one book I can't recommend more highly. It isn't heavy or complicated reading either because believe me most of those types of books I never end up finishing. This book just makes sense and is so uplifting and encouraging at the same time. I'm very impressed.

Christine offers her book for sale on her website in both paperback and ebook. More information can be found here. Check it out for yourself, it just might change your life!

You can also find Christine over at her blog Organizational Enlightenment.