Monday, July 14, 2008

Meet the Organize It Mom!

Laurieann is a Professional Organizer turned WAHM mom who saw a need and set out to fill it. Her site, Organize It Mom, offers all sorts of products (that she creates herself!) to help you organize your days, your kids and your kid's toys.

I had the opportunity to try a few of these products myself and hands down my favorite were the toy labels. These are absolutely fantastic!

Each kit includes 18 toy labels laminated with removeable adhesive on the back of each label. The are bright and colorful and as you can see each one includes not only the word but a picture as well. In the picture below I've added the lego one to my son's lego storage container.

Now I know labels aren't really a necessity on the clear bins like above but it is especially helpful on the fabric bins like the ones I use in my playroom.

I'm definitely going to replace my labels with Laurieanns because hers will stand out so much better than mine do. I know it isn't too hard to make your own labels on your computer but what I know, as I know Laurieann does also, is that not everyone has the time to do so. For $5.00 a set even the busiest of moms can have clearly labeled toy bins. It is so important for kids to be able to see quickly and easily what goes where so that we aren't setting them up for failure. So great!

Another one of my favorite items that Laurieann makes is something that organizes your kids computer and TV time....coins called Media Money. Each little laminated coin designates 30 minutes of media time. I like that I can use these coins as rewards for good behavior or completed chores. Then when they use them to watch TV or play computer they turn them back into me. It's a great way to keep track of the time without it hurting your head trying to remember who did what when and for how long. They even come in different colors which is perfect for different kids.

For menu planning enthusiasts she offers a laminated menu planner as well as grocery list set that serves to save on paper. The menu planner has room to menu plan breakfast, lunch and dinner and the grocery list is conveniently broken down into grocery store sections making it very efficient. Simply write on and wipe off.

The Organize It Mom's charts , lists, cards and coupons are super fun and easy to use with professional quality colorful graphics. She has many other products listed on her site, too many to mention here, so you'll have to head on over and check out her site for yourself. I'm confident that you'll find something there to help you on your organizational journey.

I'm also super excited to announce that Laurieann has joined on as one of Org Junkie's Monthly Organizing Round-Up sponsors. Participating in the round-up gives you the opportunity to win an Organize It Mom prize package!


Mrs. Querido said...

How cool! I love the menu planning charts! Very clever :)

Meshellyn said...

I can't wait to look through all of her things. I was just thinking I needed some good labels for our new playroom bins - now I don't have to make them!!! Her's are perfect!!!

Thank you :)

chasindreams said...

These items are very cool. I also like the menu planner. :D

forgetfulone said...

I wish my kids were little because those labels are fantastic! Beats my hand made labels any day.

I am halfway finished working on the under sink areas in all my bathrooms. You inspired me with your containers.

teachermomof2 said...

I love the labels too. I use similar ones in my classroom.

Could you tell me where you purchased the organizer for your toy bins? I want to get one for ds's bedroom.


Heidi Y said...

These are great ideas and products!

Anonymous said...

I have always loved the toy label idea. . . For free, I made my own five years ago. I took digi photos of the toy/toy set that belonged in the box as well as including the printed description. That way my children who couldn't read could clean up and knew exactly which box the item belonged in!

Just using the computer, printer and digital camera helped in my toy organization project.

~The Bargain Babe said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog about the Donation Station! I am star struck now! :)

Love your websites, I'm going to link them on mine! I can always use help organizing. :blushes:

Tiff said...

WOW love the site. There are so many things i love!

Scribbit said...

And the dry eraser board I've been using for years is finally falling apart--sounds like something I need.

$5 Dinner Mom said...

Thanks for welcoming me to MPM! I look forward to sharing my $5 of less dinners with everyone!

Mercy said...

Since I thing that I'm really concerned about is the kids rooms. I had hoped that our new house would have a play room, but nope. So, I've been really working with my kids to purge what they are not using and containerize those things that they are.

Labels would be super helpful. ;o)

I'm off to check out the other fun stuff she has. I've been to her site one time before (I think you sent us there once) and I remember there were some really cool things there.

Anyway, thanks for the giveaway!!