Wednesday, June 20, 2007

DaysAgo Digital Timer

I kill house plants, there I said it! My husband is the gardener of the family and he makes me paranoid about over watering, so because I can never remember when I watered the plants last, I just usually don't. Once I see the leaves turning yellow I take a pretty good educated guess that it's probably time they had a little drink. Aren't I clever? Usually by then, of course, it's a little too late and they end up taking a trip to the D.U.M.P!

A fairly new product has come to my rescue! DaysAgo is the first and only digital day counter that removes the guesswork of knowing how many days ago a food container was open or in my case how many days ago I watered the plants! By "counting days up," the DaysAgo can track food products that spoil quickly, including baby food, sauces, salsas or just about anything else you need to keep track of.

Honestly, until the Company contacted me, I had never heard of DaysAgo so when they offered to send me one to try I was thrilled. Anything that allows me to free up brain space has got to be a good thing. Now that I've had the opportunity to try it out, I am happy to report I love it!

I particularly love that it is a simple gadget that is re-usable, versatile and easy to use. It also attaches to a variety of surfaces with a magnetic or suction backing. I just keep mine on the fridge and after I water the plants, it's quick and easy to simply re-set it and start again.

This device was inspired by the need to track freshness of baby food which lasts for only 2-3 days, but upon its invention, the list of uses expanded quickly to include pasta sauce, salsa, soup broth, leftovers, applesauce, etc... I know for myself how many jars of baby food I ended up having to throw out because I couldn't remember when I opened it!

All and all, this is a terrific product for a pretty good price. I found them online at Solutions for $9.95 for a pack of two.

Now I have no more excuses for killing my house plants, unless of course you count laziness!

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Debi said...

Wow. It took us forever to get the timing right with my son's constipation medicine (hmmm...maybe TMI there), but we finally have it worked out to every 3 days as perfect. But the trouble is remembering when every 3 days is. This will be perfect! Thanks Laura!

ChupieandJ'smama said...

Hi, I'm Chupieandjsmama and I'm a plant killer too. I love plants, but I have a black thumb. This would be awesome. I so need these little things.

The Lazy Organizer said...

Fun! I tooks like something that my gadget loving husband would love.

Could you attach one to your kid's forhead to remind you of the last time they had a bath? Smelling them is way too scary so something digital would be great.

Jennifer, Snapshot said...

That looks pretty cool.

Qtpies7 said...

I love the idea of using to keep track of the kids' baths! I go by the amount of stickiness to their hair.